About the Alex Kahle Memorial Scholarship Fund


The Alex Kahle Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in memorial of Kristen Alexandra Kahle ("Alex") after her passing in November of 2007 during her senior year of high school at Porter Ridge High School in Union County, North Carolina. 

Alex's high school principal described her as a “ray of sunshine”.  What a perfect description of a young woman with a smile that could light up a room and who once wrote an entry in her journal describing her favorite things:  “sunshiny days, warm smiles, the color yellow, best friends, and sweat pants”.

Alex was born in Union County March 19, 1990, the only daughter to Dick and Pat Kahle.  As a child she showed great curiosity – always eager to learn and quick to explore.  She was fearless with boundless energy and endless questions.  Alex had a passion for learning, a great love for reading, and a love of the outdoors.  As she grew, her compassion for others grew stronger as well.  And it was easy to see what a ‘force’ she would one day become. 

Alex genuinely loved people and wanted to be a friend to all she met.  As much as she loved to laugh, she loved to make others laugh even more and often used humor as a way to connect with people she didn’t know.  Her empathetic, caring nature made her the first person friends sought out when they needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to lean on.    With an open heart, Alex celebrated friends’ accomplishments without envy or prejudice, and was very protective of those she loved. 

She was an excellent student, varsity cheerleader, Student Council President, Rotary scholar, member of several honor societies, and an active volunteer in our community.  She loved community service, with a special heart for working with children with special needs.  Alex loved to volunteer with organizations that impacted the lives of those most in need in our community.  After graduation, she planned to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a career as an oncology nurse. 

In November 2007, she died in a car accident coming home after having dinner with friends. In her short life, Alex’s energy, courage, integrity, faith, and kindness touched many lives.

Ironically, shortly before her accident Alex was asked on an application for scholarship competition how she would want her epitaph to read, and she wrote:

 “She Made the Sun Stand Still… I want to have an impact so great that it reaches beyond my community and farther than anything I could ever imagine, even to the sun.”  Her answer became her legacy.  


Alex's Legacy: The Alex Kahle Memorial Scholarship Fund

At Alex’s passing, the community came together to offer support to her family and friends and the result was the formation of the Alex Kahle Memorial Scholarship Foundation. 

Each year the foundation awards a $4,000 Alex Kahle Memorial Scholarship to the Union County Christmas Parade Princess, chosen by an independent committee of community and business leaders.  The recipients’ qualifications include a record of academic excellence, a passion for community service, and history of exhibiting leadership in their school and community.  In addition, a $1,000 Alex Kahle Spirit Scholarship is awarded annually to the young woman who best exhibits the caring spirit of the scholarship’s namesake.

For those of us who love and miss her, the scholarships are a way to honor her memory and keep her dream alive – the dream of having a positive impact on the world.